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Not all Wi-Fi is the same... Whilst a stand-alone router is fine for a home environment or small office with a couple of users, problems can soon start to occur if more devices are connected or a large area requires coverage. This is where Enterprise or Large Scale Wi-Fi deployments come in!

Large Wi-Fi systems comprise of a central controller with multiple radios strategically placed to provide maximum coverage and speed. Typical locations where such systems exist include:


Large Houses


Gyms, Shops or stadiums

Holiday & Caravan Parks, Marina's

Concerts & Festivals

Benefits of such systems include:

Load balancing

Devices are spread across multiple access points, ensuring good performance


Large areas can be covered without having separate SSIDs or networks


Configuration only needs to be done centrally, reducing cost


Rules can be applied to limit speed or data allowance where required


Devices can move around, between radios without having to re-connect or interrupt data access.

We use a number of vendors, including Cisco, HP & Ubiquiti, depending on the specific requirements.

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