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Do you want to provide Wireless Internet Access to your Customers or Guests? We can help!

Whether you have a pub, holiday park, marina or other public space, providing wireless internet can be helpful for your customers as well as providing an additional income. We can provide managed Wi-Fi services for you to offer to your customers with the following benefits:

We install and manage the equipment - we also offer a service desk facility for both you and your customer to call in case of any technical hiccups.
We can provide internet backhaul and provide additional services such as content filtering to ensure that inappropriate content isn't accessible to those who may be underage.
The service can be provided as zero cost to the end-user or as revenue sharing chargeable service. We also offer bespoke packages whereby a basic service is free to the end-user but they can pay a premium to upgrade to a large data allowance or faster speed.
Depending on your requirements, we can provide speeds up to 1Gbps via Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) or Dedicated Fibre (Ethernet).

Since we manage all of the technical aspects of this service, you can offer the benefits of Wireless Internet access without the hassle and fuss of managing the system.

To discuss your specific requirements call us today or complete our contact form here and we'll give you a callback.

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